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Askew One, Meggs, Rick Hayward 'Less Is More' Mural

During install week for 'LESS IS MORE' Askew One, Meggs, and Rick Hayward collaborated on a new beautiful mural that lives outside the gallery in Downtown San Francisco.  'LESS IS MORE' opens dialogue surrounding hyper-consumption as a dominant driver of environmental degradation and climate change. This experiential collection navigates between the macro and micro, highlighting the myriad effects that individualistic decisions have on our our planet’s fragile natural resources and ecosystems. Temple Children is an experimental arts and sustainability platform uniting a diverse global community of creatives to generate collaboration for positive change. In search of a collective consciousness, this dedicated group challenges us to look inward and recognize the interconnectedness between human beings and our environments.

Be sure to check out the group exhibition curated by Temple Children, Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm through Saturday, September 1st at 1000 Howard St in Downtown San Francisco. To learn more about the works in the exhibition contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com