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Jessie and Katey ‘Manufactured Landscapes’ for 'Less Is More'

Jessie and Katey completed their most recent installation for 'LESS IS MORE' a group exhibition curated by Temple Children at First Amendment. “Reflecting on the rate of our consumption as a society, we chose to showcase our excess trash in a transformative and interactive installation. We wanted to recreate the experience of exploring a natural environment but with manufactured material. This installation is made from materials that we have been collecting over the past 5 years, as well as things we salvaged while in San Francisco. It is made up of plastic bags, caution tape, paper bags, newspapers, old screens, and latex gloves. The time consuming and repetitive process of layering each piece of material highlights how important our small actions are on a larger scale.  From the outside it looks like a mountain and with a small opening on the floor, viewers can enter it much like a cave. When inside, the exterior light filters through the trash and softly glows as shadows dance on the walls. It is a space of peaceful reflection, juxtaposed by the weight of our overconsumption hanging above.” - Jessie & Katey

Be sure to stop by and see the interactive installation for 'LESS IS MORE' curated by Temple Children in person Wednesday through Saturday, 12-6pm through Saturday, September 1st at First Amendment in Downtown San Francisco.  To learn more about about available works from 'LESS IS MORE' contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com