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Press Release - "Serene" by Bagger43


First Amendment Gallery


First Amendment Gallery is proud to present Serene, a two-part series of gouache and acrylic paintings by San Francisco-based artist Bagger 43. In the first section, the artist has painted a collection of fictional landscapes. The pieces were made as a meditation on the theme of serenity and calm, inspired by an imagined version of nature. The second section contains portraits made with a less deliberate theme in mind, connected only by their lax nature and the fact that they were all primarily painted at night or in the early morning.

Centering around the two themes allows the work to be cathartic while portraying the concept without dedicating itself too much to exact representation at the expense of conveying the theme. These paintings represent a certain freedom from reproducibility in that sense and remain true to Bagger’s ideal forms of serenity and relaxation.

Serene a project space solo exhibition by Bagger43 will be on view through Friday, November 9th at First Amendment Gallery located at 1000 Howard St. in Downtown San Francisco.  Gallery hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 11-6pm.  To receive a preview of the exhibition contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com


Dennis (Bagger43) Brown, was born in Philippines in 1983 (Half Filipino/Half Jamaican.) His father was in the United States Air Force, and, in affect, Dennis grew up on the move at different bases, mostly throughout Asia (Japan, Okinawa, Hawaii, & Philippines.) He moved to the U.S. in 2001 to pursue college, attending Ringling College of Art & Design. He received a BFA in Illustration and went on to work in an array of different artistic genres. He's worked as a Freelance Illustrator, showcased his art in gallery shows, and has even worked in full-time art positions for companies including Marc Ecko and Zynga.