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Press Release - Math PTV Presents: Doesn't Play Well With Others

First Amendment Gallery
Math PTV Presents: Doesn’t Play Well With Others
September 21 though October 5, 2019

First Amendment Gallery is pleased to bring you, “Doesn’t Play Well With Others,” a group exhibition from the mind of PTV member, MATH 1.

From the leading curator:

“‘Doesn’t play well with others’... a title that was given to me and presumably all other real ones in the graff game as children. It ended up on every progress report that I had from a child until barely graduating. This art exhibition is about walking into the minds of madmen and women. It’s about total anarchy of art. To know pure love, you must understand pure hate. So in order to understand art, you must have an iconoclastic side as well. We fight, we love, we build, we destroy. Walk a minute in our shoes; see the shit, you step it. Not a single one of us got into this game to be told what to do… So this show is for you my compa’s, my riders, my G’s, my O.G’s, my B.G’s, my bruh, brehs, and bruvs. My O.C.D., A.D.H.D., F.T.P. diagnosed family.”

-Math 1 P.residente V.odka T.eguila 

"Doesn't Play Well With Others" will be on view in the First Amendment Project Space at 1000 Howard St in San Francisco from September 21st to October 5th. Opening reception September 21st from 6–9pm. For more information on the exhibition, please contact info@1amsf.com.

L. Herrada-Rios